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Our Honey Category

We have own bee box. Our honey is unique by its flavour ,quality, density & benefits. Our main motive is give best quality honey every Indian hand at reasonable price.

Drumstick honey

It's a new super food & has been gaining popularity for its high nutritious values. antioxidants, powerful anti-inflammatory and properties that protect tissues and many other health benefits.

Kashmir Honey

Made from all-natural ingredients & free from preservatives, it provides the user with therapeutic benefit. It is a great alternative to replace normal sugar from your diet.

Multiflower honey

Consumption of multiflora honey can support a healthy heart, stomach, and digestive system and provide skin nourishment. The mild and light flavor of the multi-flower honey makes it a suitable alternative sweetener for both adults and children.

Beehive Box

Our products are made up of teak wood, mahagoni and Alexandrian Laurel Tree. we are committed to provide quality products at best costs available.

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